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Hello nerds,

today i'd like to introduce Nextcloud. It is a fork of the open source version of ownCloud with one key difference to its predecessor: There won't be a closed source edition and all the planing and development happens in the open. Also it is a Drop-in replacement for ownCloud which means, although there are native clients already available, all ownCloud branded client software will remain compatible for the time being.

Read more about Nextcloud on Wikipedia or on their website.

Now it gets interesting for you:
Starting today we'll be using Nextcloud 10 at which is supposed to completely replace our ownCloud instance at The ownCloud instance will be available until the 31st of December 2016. After that you won't be able to recover data which has not been migrated to

For the purpose of detecting unused accounts and having a fresh database you have to transfer your data manually to the new cloud instance.

To get an account for the new cloud instance follow the instructions here.