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title: Webserver downtime yesterday
for the better part of yesterday the [hosting company]( for our webserver had a major outage of their storage system which resulted in a twelve hour downtime of virtual machines with attached volumes. Tonight around 02:00 i received an email that the issues were resolved and affected users will be compensated for the duration of the outage. As a result some of our services like and where also down ([see full list](
All is up and well now. Enjoy!

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title: More server downtime & new SSDs
For quite some time now i run a number of services from home. Namely our [GitLab instance]( and an Ubuntu machine for various gameservers. Today this got a lot more awesome! I got new SSDs for the NAS storage i run those virtual machines of. Three times [Crucial MX500 1TB]( in a [RAID5]( array solely for my virtualization host.
You can expect a lot better performance! Cheers!

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title: socialnerds minecraft server
hello this is a test