Fixed linux compile

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Henri Hyyryläinen 2016-03-05 12:36:03 +02:00
parent b0a778b6a9
commit 0bcfeadd6f
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@ -138,6 +138,16 @@
typedef unsigned int ogg_uint32_t;
typedef long long int ogg_int64_t;
#elif defined(__linux__)
/* Linux GCC or clang */
# include <stdint.h>
typedef int16_t ogg_int16_t;
typedef uint16_t ogg_uint16_t;
typedef int32_t ogg_int32_t;
typedef uint32_t ogg_uint32_t;
typedef int64_t ogg_int64_t;
typedef uint64_t ogg_uint64_t;
# include <ogg/config_types.h>