flask experiment

Updated 2020-12-06 19:54:03 +01:00

My fork of git://git.ipxe.org/ipxe.git, it is used for my netboot environment at home.

Updated 2020-12-06 19:33:16 +01:00

this is my clone of jiwu liu's sshsudo project from http://code.google.com/p/sshsudo/. (cloned from https://github.com/JKrag/sshsudo)

Updated 2020-12-06 19:32:10 +01:00

bash script for performing incremental backups.

Updated 2020-12-06 19:30:21 +01:00

Shell script to syncronize a secondary pi-hole server with a primary pi-hole server. It downloads blacklist.txt, whitelist.txt and regex.list from the primary, updates local files and runs updateGravity on the secondary.

Updated 2020-12-06 19:25:07 +01:00

myzsh is basically my personal zsh config including a couple of extras.

Updated 2020-12-06 19:11:24 +01:00

Simple container to learn building Dockerfiles.

Updated 2020-12-06 19:07:44 +01:00

Simple container to build and serve a jekyll site.

Updated 2020-12-06 19:07:25 +01:00